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Computer Clean up Tips
Best Computer clean up Tips

Computer clean up tips:Keeping your computer running exactly how it should, can be a difficult task if you do not know what you are doing. Most people tend to have no idea why their computers have suddenly started running more slowly than usual, or why it has started to reboot spontaneously or get some errors. While they could be a number of explanations to these problems, usually they occur when your computer needs clean up. So just how do you go about cleaning up your computer? Well the good news is that even if you are a complete beginner, you can easily do some computer clean up by your shelf by following these simple computer cleanup tips.

The Best Computer Cleanup Tips
Best Computer clean up Tips

Computer Clean up Tip1:Run Desktop Cleanup

There are several areas in your computer that can be cleaned up. The most obvious place to start is your computers desktop. Are there any icons there that you never use? Often when you download various programs, small icons are placed on the desktop to advertise certain things.You do not need these icons and they are simply taking up space on your computer. You can right click on the free spot on your desk top, then go to Arrange Icon By->Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard to complete the cleanup.

Computer Cleanup Tip2: PC Disk Clean Up

After a period of use, you PC 's disk is getting bigger. If you would like to clean up your PC’s disk then you should first right click on “my computer” which you should find on the desktop. When the menu loads up click on “Explore” and then right click where it says “C drive”. Next go to properties and select the general tab. There you should see the words “disk cleanup” and that is what you need to click on to clean your PC’s disk. It should ideally come up with a box telling you that the disk cleanup is calculating.  Follow the screen message you should be able to complete PC disk cleanup.

Computer Clean Up Tip 3: Remove Unused Programs

You need to remove any unused programs to speed up your computer. Go to Control Panel->Double click "Add or Remove programs” and a window should pop up with all of the programs. Just remove whichever programs you do not want to keep and click on the remove button. This should successfully remove the program and free up some space.

Computer Cleanup Tip 4. Use Software to Clean Up Your Computer

If you computer is still slow or get errors, it is time to use software to clean up registry and get rid of adware/adware. According to statistic, 98% computer issues are caused by Windows registry, Adware/Spyware and virus. We have reviewed some top Registry Cleaners and Adware removal software. You can use them to do your computer clean up. After this step, you should be able to get your computer work like new again.

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