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What is Adware?

What is Adware? There are two words that computer users everywhere are starting to hear more of as time goes on - Spyware and Adware. Now some types of Adware can also be Spyware and some types of Spyware can also contain Adware. So there is a thin line between the two but there are still differences between them that you should be aware of. Here you will learn everything you need to know about Adware.

Understanding Adware

Adware is basically software that leads you to various types of advertising material. Its goal is to get onto your computer and force you to see whatever it is that it is designed to advertise. Usually the content that Adware supports is adult related and it can be extremely difficult to eliminate.

The most common thing that Adware does is it causes pop up windows to appear. These pop up windows advertise anything from adult websites to prescription drugs and they tend to pop up fairly frequently. The worst type of Adware causes more pop ups to open every time you close them. They do this at such a pace that it takes over your computer and you need to reboot. In these cases Adware can contain a virus and that can be potentially harmful to your computer.

Another thing that Adware can do is add links onto your desktop or onto your internet settings. For example, it could add a search bar to your internet browser. Or it could add whatever it is advertising as your default homepage. Again this can be very difficult to fix and so Adware can be a really frustrating problem.
Over time Adware has become worse. When it was first developed, users could easily see the Adware under “add and remove programs” and it could easily be deleted. However these days it is extremely difficult to get rid of and programmers are making it smarter as time goes on. So while it used to be completely harmless, these days it can have a number of bad sides.

The main reason why programmers are making Adware potentially more dangerous and frustrating is because there is now a lot of money in the Adware business. Of course the main problem that comes with Adware is that it can make your computer unstable. That could lead to viruses and many other problems. So if it is not removed you could find yourself with a broken PC.

Overall Adware is just as dangerous as Spyware, only it is not as hidden on our computers. There is such a large range of Adware programs these days that it is hard to know just which ones are dangerous and which ones are easy to get rid of. That is why it pays to have a good Adware Removal Software. I believe up now you understand what is adware.

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