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What is Spyware?

What is spyware? All computer users at some point will hear the word “Spyware”. However many people do not know what Spyware actually is and when they do, they soon wish that they didn’t. So just what is Spyware and how could it affect your computer.

Understanding What is Spyware

Put simply, Spyware is software that is designed to track your internet usage and to gather information from you which is then sent to a third party. This information can be used for a number of purposes but usually it is to research what people browse the most online. However sometimes it can be used to take control partially of your computer and that is when the problems really begin.

There are many people who design Spyware programs to take control of your computer. As its name suggests, Spyware is placed onto your computer without you knowing about it. Originally Spyware was just used to monitor your computer usage, but these days it does so much more than that. Now Spyware can even install other Spyware programs and it can launch pop up windows that take you to various advertising websites. Generally these websites are of an adult content and they can really take over your computer.

So Spyware can be both innocent and potentially dangerous as it can link you to potentially harmful viruses. It can also change your computer settings to make your computer run slower than usual. So it is important that you remove any Spyware from your computer if you want it to run smoothly and if you do not want your personal information accessed by a group of strangers. So just how do you remove something that you don’t even know exists?

Usually you can have a good idea of whether something is wrong with your computer if you notice it running slower than usual. Perhaps you are constantly being redirected to a website that you don’t recognise?  Or maybe you are getting a number of different pop ups every now and again? If so the problem is likely to be Spyware related and there are things that you can do to detect it and get rid of it.

When Spyware started to become more and more common, a number of companies saw it as an opportunity to make money. So they created various Spyware Removal Software. These Spyware removal softwares are designed to search your computer, find any potential Spyware, tell you about it and then remove it safely. You can find both free Spyware removers and ones that you have to purchase. Each Spyware remover program is designed slightly differently and generally the paid programs are better. This is because they will definitely remove any Spyware that you may have on your computer while free programs may only partially remove it. Up to now, I believe up now you understand what is sypware.

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